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Ibiza's Top 5 Clubs As Voted For By Top DJs

Ibiza has always held the reputation of being THE place for clubbers to descend on in the summer seasons. Between the months of May and September, Ibiza (the smallest Baelaric island) is transformed from quiet resort into the clubber's paradise the name is synonymous with. In recent years, there have been suggestions that the island is losing its reputation as the clubbing 'Mecca', but thankfully a recent poll of top DJs really puts this to bed. The world's biggest DJs voted on their top 50 clubs to perform at and Ibiza clubbing has a far better representation than such a small island should have! In terms of quality club density, it would be pretty hard to beat the island, with 5 Ibiza clubs in the top 50 and with 4 of those featured in the top 10!

From these results, it should be pretty easy for me to list the DJ's top 5 clubs in Ibiza, so without further ado, here it is in reverse order:

5. Privelege (36th in the world)

According to the Guinness Book of Records, Privelege is not just the biggest club in Ibiza, but also the world. This will come as no surprise to people who have visited the breathtaking venue. Spectacular light effects are made all the more impressive by the 25 metre ceiling, and it even houses a huge swimming pool. The real beauty of this Ibiza club is that due to its size, the venue changes every night - the décor is different to fit the club night, making for a slightly disorienting experience for those with a hazy memory of the night before! As with other top Ibiza clubs, tourists can expect to share a dance floor with some big names - in the past, Privilege has been patronised by Madonna, Jean-Paul Gautier, Puff Daddy and Jade Jagger...

4. Amnesia (8th in the world)

Founded in 1976, Amnesia is viewed as legendary by the Ibiza clubbing scene. Although it is no longer open air, the venue has made the loss acceptable by replacing the freedom with volume! If Privelege was all about the building itself, Amnesia is all about the sound system and the effect it has. Cocoon's techno Mondays provide sonic innovation aplenty, while Cream's Ibiza music is legendary. Residency is provided by the aforementioned Cream, Made in Italy and Armin Van Buuren.

3. DC10 (7th in the world)

In terms of décor, this is striking if not particularly aesthetically appealing - DC10 is a converted airport hanger (the club contains giant inflatable aeroplanes in homage to this heritage), which creates an amazing atmosphere with interesting acoustics. And because of its size, the Ibiza club can hold a massive 1500 revellers each night creating an atmosphere that's unforgettable - it's unsurprising the DJs in the poll valued it so much. The resident DJs are Jo Mills, CLoco Dice and Cirillo.

2. Pacha (3rd in the world)

Although Pacha is the name for a chain of nightclubs across Europe, it is the Ibiza club that has become synonymous with the brand. Opened in 1973, the club is one of the most famous on the island and has a capacity of 3,500 - which is just as well as the nights like 'Pure Pacha' really test the capacity, with top DJs such as Pete Tong hosting proceedings during the peak summer months. House music is the type most associated with the famous Ibiza club, but it actually has five separate rooms with distinctive musical stylings. One final aspect worth noting is that Pacha is the only club to stays open during the winter season, which is well worth remembering if you're trying to save some cash with a cheap holiday to Ibiza in winter.

1. Space (1st in the world)

It's hardly surprising that Space is regarded as the world's best night club. Ibiza's favourite has won all kinds of awards - as well as the accolade voted by the DJs this year, the nightclub was awarded the 'best club in the world' award at the 2001 Dancestar awards, and won 'best global club' at the International Dance Music Awards in 2005 and 2006. Space is most famous for pioneering its "We Love Sundays @ Space" events, which really test the endurance of clubbers. Ibiza's revellers will find the doors opening at 8am on Sunday morning, and closing again at 6am on Monday! The atmosphere is what makes the club great, and that in turn attracts top name DJs throughout the summer. The venue allows clubbing Ibiza tourists and residents to rave until the sun comes up on the outdoor terrace - which was moved (stone by stone) to the other side of the club to stop upsetting the neighbours!

With plenty of smaller, lesser known venues dotted around Ibiza, clubbing is set to be the focus of tourism to the island for some time to come. Certainly, you cannot call yourself a proper clubber until you've taken in a cheap Ibiza holiday.

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